Tanzania is located in East Africa, just south of Kenya, and shares it’s eastern border with the Indian Ocean. It is the 27th largest country in the world, in terms of population with over 48 million people. However, Tanzania ranks in the lowest percentage of the world in many other statistical areas that tell a grim story of their economic and social challenges: infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, life expectancy, HIV/AIDS population, annual per capita income, and so on.

Not only does Tanzania have an estimated 3 million orphans, that number grows every day. To help combat this disturbing trend, Make It Count decided to actively pursue founding and managing an orphanage in the foothills of beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro. Located in the northern reaches of Tanzania near Arusha, Make It Count then formed Small Steps for Compassion in 2010, when board member Shannin Pickle brought a dream and the drive to build an orphanage to help these abandoned children.

While progress is sometimes slow, we have had good progress in our efforts here. We bought our own land: 11 acres with an existing house, and plenty of room to build more buildings and facilities to help house as many children as we can. We have partnered with another local orphanage that supports babies and infants until the age of 2, so they will immediately have a place to go. We plan to break ground on the second house and begin construction in June 2013. Two more buildings are also in the works, and we are truly excited for the progress that we have made.

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